Sometimes when life throws a curve ball and your future and dreams are put on hold, you must reach out for help. Such was the case when my husband passed away suddenly. I was now alone and whirling in circles of indecision and disappointment. I needed an anchor to cling to. I needed competence and professionalism to guide my future without making serious missteps.

The best possible contact I made was with Frank Adams, attorney. He immediately set in motion the steps needed to insure my legal rights were upheld. Each decision was well thought out and handled with professionalism.

From the probate of my husband's will to the writing of my new will, Mr, Adams took the pressure off of me at a time in my life when decision making and future planning were to much of a burden to handle during the grieving process.

A year has passed and as I reflect on the kindness and compassion I received from this very gracious man I know a greater power was working in my defense.

All I can say is thank you, Mr. Adams. Words do not seem sufficient nor enough.

With sincerest appreciation,

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Mr. Frank Adams as your next lawyer. Frank has been my family representative for over thirty years. His thorough, competent, and compassionate.

What I especially like about Frank is his down to earth personality and how ability to remain fair to all interested parties.

Our family owes a debt of gratitude to him for all his service. Frank is honest and reliable and follows policies and the letter of the law. We always feel safe and secure entrusting him with our future.

Johnston Family Group
Judy Johnston-Freeman, Agent

Mr. Adams has been representing me in all of my legal matters for several years now. He has gone above and way beyond what you would expect and attorney to do. He has been a very down-to-earth person and I've found him easy to talk to. He tells me what he believes the to be and how it applies to me has always given me good advice and has represented my best interests.

Any legal advice I will need in the future will be through Mr. Adams, who I believe to be trustworthy, solid and reliable.